RRB Group D Question Paper Held on 27th November 2013

1.994*1006 is equal to :

A.999664      B.999644      C.996644      D.999964

2.   Who was the founder of satavahana dynasty ?

A . hala          B.yagnasri

C.simuka        D.none of the above

3.    Pope francis the current pope of the catholic church was born in which country :

A. Italy     B.Mexico   C. Spain   D.Argentina

4.  Which of the following are the only mammals that possess nucleated red blood corpuscles ?

(!)  Camel

 (2)  Llama

(3)  Man

 (4)  Dog

A.   (1) and (2)     B.  (2) and (3)     C.  (3) and (4)    D.   (1) and (4)

5. The ilbert bill Controversy during lord lytton’s time related to the concepts of :

(A) Economic  Equality               (B)Revenue allocation

(C) Political Representation        (D) Judicial Equality

6. The wrongly matched pair is :

(A) Khartoum – Sudan                  (B)Rotterdam_- Austria

(C ) Warsaw – Poland                     (D) Dublin -Ireland

7. Gaddi Shepherds (Pastoral nomads) belong to which one of the following state ?

(A)  Arunachal Pradesh               (B)Himachal Pradesh

(C) Uttarakhand                               (D) Rajasthan

8. The instrument used for finding out wind direction is :

(A) Hygrometer      (B)Anemometer     (C)Wind gauze   (D)  Wind vane

9. If INDUS is coded as 03865and TENNIS  is coded as 243305 then STUDENT is coded as :

(A) 5268432     ( B) 5642832    (C) 5628342   (D) 5648324

10. In National Film Awards 2013, the award for best supporting actor was conferred on :

(A) Annu Kapoor for Vicky donor

(B) Usha Jadhav for Marathi film dhag

(C) Rituparno ghosh for Chitrangada

(D) Virendra Pratap for Dekh Indian Circus

11. Which among the following is the oldest University established in modern India ?

(A) University of Calcutta              (B) Delhi University

(C) Allahabad University                  (D) Banaras Hindu University

12. Mosquito :Malaria : Water : Cholera :Rat : ?

(A) Disease                                  (b) Plague

(C )Death                                      (D) None of the above

13. Which of the following state has the maximum urban population as per the final data of Census 2011 ?

(A) Gujarat          (B) Karnataka      (C)Maharashtra        (D)Tamil Nadu

14. Birds get thrust (forward motion) and lift (upward motion) from :

(A) Air sacs

(B) Flapping of wings

(C ) Twisting of feathers

(D) Shape of wings which is similar to aeroplane blades

15.  The sum of two numbers is  45 and their ratio is 7:8. The two numbers are :

(A) 20,25                              (B)21,24

(C )22,23                               (D)NONE of the above

16. Which India born physicist invented the ‘optical  fibre ‘ ?

(A) C.V. Raman                   (B) Satyendra Nath Bose

(C ) Homi J. Bhabha            (D) Narinder Singh Kapany

17. Who was the first chairman of the planning Commission of India ?

(A) Lal Bahadur Shastri      (B) Maulana Abul Kalan Azad

(C ) Jawahar lal Nehru           (D)Vallabhbhai Patel

18. The square of 349 is :

(A) 122801                     (B)122881

(C ) 121801                    (D)None of the above

19. What is the Freezing point of water ?

(A) 212   F               (B) 100 F         (C )180F           (D)32 F

20. If 25*32=800 then 2.5*.32=   ?

(A).800    (B)8.00      (C ) 80.0     (D) .080

21. Which of the following categories of forests is considered as the best on the bear on the   basis  of their utility ?


(B)Protected forests

(C )Village forests

(D) Community forests

22.  The mammal which lays eggs is :

(A)Bat                    (B) Squirrel

(C ) Kangaroo       (D) Duckbilled platypus

23. Friction can be reduced by changing from

(A) Rolling to sliding                                         (B) Sliding to rolling

(C) Potential energy to kinetic energy            (D)Dynamic to static

 24.Which country reached an agreement with Kosovo to overcome ots ethnic enmities   ?

(A)  Serbia                         (B)Croatia

(C )Macedonia                 (D)None of the above

25. The Bhopal diaster of 1984 was the result of :

(A) Nuclear accident                                       (B)Biological  accident

(C )Chemical accident                                     (D)Railway accident 

26 . Which country won the Asia cup Hockey 2013 ?

(A)   India             (B)Pakistan            (C)South Korea        (D)  Japan

27. Kovvada nuclear power plant which was recently in news is being set up in :

(A) Karnataka                              (B)Andhra Pradesh

(C ) Chattisgarh                            (D)None of the above

28. Google is a :

(A) Virus programme                    (B)Search engine

(C ) Gaming station                        (D) Hardware     

29. Who won the Men’s Singles title in French open 2013 ?

(A) David ferrer                           (B) Roger Federer

(C ) Rafeal Nadal                          (D) J. Martin Del Potro

30. Escape velocity of a rocket fired from the earth towards the moon is a velocity  to get rid of the :

(A) Earth’s gravitational pull

(B)Moon’s gravitational pull

(C )Centripetal force due t o the earth’s rotation

(D)Atmospheric pressure

31. Which of the following is the primary source of energy in India ?

(A)Hydro Power             (B)Natural gas                 (C )Coal                (D) Naphtha

32.DRDL stans for :

(A)Defence Research and Development Laboratory

(B)Department of Research and  Development laboratory

(C) Differential Research and Documentation Laboratory

(D) None of the above

33. What is the three digit number which is 2 more than a perfect square and 2 less than a perfect  cube ?

(A) 627                                   ( B) 402

(C ) 123                                   (D) None of the above

34. Ph value  of pure water is :

(A)Less than 7           (B)More than 7         (C )Equal to 7            (D) Equal to 0

35.Protium,Deuterium,and tritium are all forms of which element ?

(A) Hydrogen    (B) Helium    (C ) Iron    (D) Carbon

36.If BEFOREV is coded as FEBERO  then  JUNGLE  is coded as :


37. Tulsidas was contemporary of :

(a) Akbar     (B)Jahangir    (C )Shahjahan       (d)Aurangzeb

38. The international day for biological diversity was observed on :

(a)4th June                      (b)22nd May

(C) 24th April                     (d)none of the above

39. The person who become the Indian to circumnavigate Globe solo and non-stop on sail boat :

(A) Hari Ram Kumar              (B) Lt. Cdr. Abhilash Tomy

(C )Lt. Ramadose                    (d) none of the above

40.Which of the following number is not a perfect cube ?

(A) 64               (B)216              (C)243            (D)1728

41. The combination of which of the following soils is best for plant growth :

(A)Clay, sand and gravel

(B)Humus , clay and gravel

(C) Sand ,humus and gravel

(D)Humus ,sand and clay

42. If 3/5th of a cistern is filled in 1 minute ,how much time will be required to fill of it ?

(a)40 sec       (b)30 sec            (c).36sec               (d)24 sec

43. On Equinoxes which of the following occurs ?

(A) The days are longer and nights are shorter

(B) The nights are longer and days are shorter

(C )Days and nights are of almost equal duration

(D)None of the above

44. Which of the following tree were promoted for building ships or railways ?

(a)Fires and Pines              (B) Bushes and creepers

(C )Teak and Sal                   (D)Shisham and Acacia

45.The difference between the compound interest and simple interest on a sum of money at rate of 10%per annum for 2 years is Rs 50.   The principle amount is :

(A) Rs 5500             (B)Rs 5000

(C )Rs 4000              (D)none of the above

46. Which of the following plays an important role in the cause of rainfall ?



(C )Both evaporation and condensation


47. Gandhiji went to England in 1931 to attend the :

(A)First Round table conference

(B)Second round Table conference

(C )Third round table conference

(D)None of the above

48.The boatman goes 2km against the current of the stream in 1 hour and goes 1km along the current in 10 minutes. How  long will it take to go 5km in stationary water ?

(A)40mins             (B)1hour         (c)1 hour 15 minutes            (D)1 HOUR 30 mins

49.Australia won sultan Azlan Shah Hockey Tournament 2013 for the :

(A)Seventh time        (B)Sixth time            (C ) Fifth time            (D) Fourth time

50. The third battle of Panipat was fought between:

(A)Marathas and the east india company

(B)Ahmad shah Abdali and Sikhs

(C )Ahmad shah Abdali and the marathas

(D)Ahmad shah Abdali and the mughals

51.The language used for standard zoological nomenclature is :

(A) latin          (B)French             (c)Spanish            (D)Greek

52.Who has won the golden ball in champions trophy 2013?

(A) Shikhar Dhawan            (B)Virat Kohli

(C )Ravindra Jadeja            (D)Suresh Raina

53.Arrange 2/3; 4/5; ¾ in descending order :

(A) 4/5>2/3>1/2>3/4             (B)1/2>2/3>4/5>3/4

(C)3/4>1/2>4/5>2/3               (D)4/5>3/4>2/3>1/2  

54.The largest living bird is :

(A)duck            (B)dodo            (C ) ostrich         (D )peacock

55.Who is Julian Assange?

(A) Founder of google              (B)Founder of Microsoft

(C )founder, WikiLeaks                 (D)None of the above

56.Which one of the following  is a violation  of the right to life or personal liberty ?

(A) The arrested person is informed about the reason of his arrest

(B)He is produced before the court within 24 hours of his arrest

(C )He is not allowed to consult his lawyer

(D) He is shown the warrant before arrest

57.Find the number which is as much greater than 84 as it is less than 108 :

(A)92      (B) 94            (C)96     (D) 98

58.’Anandmath’,  ‘Durgeshnondini’ and ‘Kapalkundala’ novels were authored by which Bengali writer ?

(A) Rabindranath  Tagore             (B)Sharath Chandra Chatterjee

(C ) Bankim Chandra Chatterjee     (d)Bibhuti Bhushan Bandyopadhyay

59.A man pays off 3/20th of his debt every month. At the  end  of 6 months his  balance debt is Rs 290.How much debt (in  rupees) has he cleared off every month ?

(A) 500               (B)450

(C )435           (D) 400

60.Which one of the following type of forests is found in the Ganga-Brahmaputra delta?

(A)  Thorny forests                     (B)Montane forests

(C)Mangrove forests                     (d)Tropical rain forests

61.The SI unit of force is

(A)Joule          (B)Newton

(C )Dyne           (D)None of these

62.Estimates of national income in India are prepared by :

(A)Planning commission                  (B)Ministry of finance

(C )Reserve bank of India                 (D)Central statistical organization

63.Secularism in the Indian context means that :

(A)Citizens are not discriminated on account of religion

(B)Religion is regarded as private affair of a citizen

(C )Neither (A) nor (B)

(D)Both (A) and (B)

64.Madurai was the capital of the :

(A)Cholas         (B)Cheras            (C)Rashtrakutas         (D)Pandyas

65.If ‘Driver’   =12

‘Pedestrian’    =20

‘Accident’       =16

Then ‘Car  =?

(A)3             (B)6                (C)9                   (D)18

66.Which one of the following communities is an  African community ?

(A) Gollas               (B)Kurumas             (C)Rai kas              (D)Masai

67.The edges of a cuboid are in the ratio 1:2:3 and its surface area  is 88cm^2.The volume of the cuboid is :

(A)24cm^3                     (B)48cm^3               (C)64cm^3


68.Which dynasty ruled Golconda from 1512 to 1681?

(A)Adil Shahi dynasty                    (B)Qutub Shahi dynasty

(C)Ahmad Shahi dynasty               (D)None of the above

69.Which wildlife Sanctuary was declared as the first National Park in India ?

(A) Kaziranga National Park     (B)Gir National Park

(C )Ahmad Shahi dynasty

(D)None of the above

70.Which of the following country is NOT a member of BASIC ?

(A)India     (B)Indonesia    (C)Brazil     (D)South Africa

71.Saka Era was founded by :

(A)Pulakesin-2             (B)Kanishka           (C )Harsha             (D) Vikramaditya

72.The blood sucking organisms are:

(A)Hookworms                      (B)Earthworms

(C )Leeches                            (D)None of these

73.Vijay Kumar bagged  SiLver   medal in Olympics 2012 in which event ?

(A)10 meter rapid fire pistol                 (B)25 meter rapid fire pistol

(C )trap shooting                                      (D)none of the above

74.Rani Rudrama Devi belonged to which dynasty:

(A)Satavahanas              (B)chalukyas

(C )Kakatiya                   (D)None of these

75.Which Mughal emperor built the redd fort in Delhi ?

(A)Babur                (B)Humanyun                  (C ) akbar                (D)shahjahan

76.The salaries and allowances of union ministers are determined by  the

(A) Council of ministers                  (B)president of India

(C )Parliament                                  (D)Prime minister of India

77.The concept of welfare state is included in the constitution of India in the  :

(A)Fundamental rights               (B)fundamental duties

(C )Preamble                                 (D)Directive Principles

78.Who won the Rajiv Gandhi Sadbhavana Award for his contribution towards promotion of communal   harmony and peace in July 2013 ?

(A)Amjad Ali Khan                      (B)Zubin Mehta

(C )Pt. Ravi Shankar                    (D) None of the above

79.The average 0.3, 3, 0.03 and  0.002 is :

(A)833                  (B)83.3                   (c)0.803                (D)0.833

80.Which of these elements is not a Noble gas ?

(A)Neon               (B)Bromine             (C )Helium                   (D)Krypton

81.Which part  of the computer does the arithmetical calculations?

(A)Memory                (B)Keyboard                (C )CPU               (D)ALU

82.The first discourse of Buddha at Deer Park in Sarnath is called:

(A)Mahabhinishkraman                     (B)mahamastakabhisheka

(C)Mahaparinirvan                            (D)Maha Dharma Chakra Pravartan

83.Yasin merchant is associated with which sports:

(A)golf                  (B)snooker              (C)swimming                (D)none of the above

84.The western education was introduced in India by:

(A)Lord Curzon                    (B)Lord Hastings    (C )Lord Wellesley       (D)Lord Bentick

85.The square root of 7744 is :

(A)98            (B)92            (C )88            (D)82

86.What does CFSL stand for?

(A) Central Forest Search Laboratory

(B)Central Forensic Science Laboratory

(C )central Forensic and Security Laboratory

(D)none of the above

87.Find the odd one out :

(A)169            (B)121             (C )181            (D)144

88.Who was the first Indian ruler to accept Subsidiary Alliance offered by Lord Wellesley in 1798?

(A)Scindias of Gwalior               (B)Nawab of Awadh

(C )Gaekwads of Baroda            (D)Nizams of Hyderabad

89.Which Indian stat is  the largest producer in the world of the golden coloured ‘Mugs’ silk?

(A)Assam                  (B)Orissa           (C )West Bengal            (D)Karnataka

90.Free surface of a liquid behaves like a sheet and tends to contract to the smallest possible due to the:

(A)Force of adhesion             (B)Force of friction

(C )Centrifugal force              (D)Force of cohesion

91.Which of the following statements is against the democratic process of elections?

(A)Parties and candidates should be free to contest elections

(B)Elections must be held regularly immediately after the term is over

(C )Th right to vote should be given to the selected people only

(D)elections should be conducted in a free and fair manner

92.The main occupation of Palaeolithic(old stone age) people was:

(A)Animal Husbandry                  (B)Hunting

(C )Agriculture                                  (D)Fishing

93.Vitamin C is also known as :

(A)Citric acid             (B)Ascorbic acid           (C )Carbonic      (D)Folic acid

94.In a school 10% of the boys are same in number as 1/4th of the girls . What is the ratio of boys to girls in the school?

(A)3:2             (B) 5:2             (C ) 5:3            (D)4:1

95.Article 340 of the Indian constitution deals with :

(A)Finance Commission                    (B)Backward classes Commission

(C )Union Public Service Commission        (D)Election Commission

96.The pioneer of the Bhakti movement in India was :

(A)Kabir            (B)Shankaracharya

(C )Ramanuja    (D)none of the above

97.The market regulations in India were introduced by :

(A) Balban                       (B)Sher Shah Suri        (C)Akbar             (D)Allauddin Khilji

98.For galvanizing iron which of the following metals is used :

(A)Zinc           (B)Copper            (C) aluminium           (D)lead

99. A wheel travels a distance of 22km in 2500 revolutions .What is the diameter of the wheel ?

(A)1.4m                (B)2.8m             (c)5.6m            (D)none of the above

100.The remains of Vijayanagar empire can be found in :

(A)Golconda            (B)Hampi             (C)Bijapur        (D)none of the above